To contribute to society through making master unit die holders.

This is Amix's mission.

Since our establishment in 1998, Amix has been conceived as a special plant for processing of master unit die holders of die-casting dies, and continues to demonstrate its commitment and effort to meet the diverse needs of customers.

About 100 years have passed since the die-cast casting method was made practical for use in Japan. During this period, die-casting technology has made remarkable progress along with the development of various peripheral technologies, and now die-casting products are used from every aspect in our daily lives. The most familiar are those that comprise automobile parts. In particular, aluminum die casts are light and superior in recyclability. Therefore, demand for aluminum die casts will continue to expand as environment-friendly parts.
While environmental measures progress on a global scale, Amix will continue to pursue its sincerest commitment and effort in the manufacturing of master unit die holders to fundamentally support die-casting technology.

President and Representative Director Jiro Sumiya

Panoramic view( Front : Office and Plant No.1,   Back : Plant No.2 and No.3)